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Common Elements In Website Layout

Whenever you want to have a winner website, then you must follow winning formulas that are used by thousands of websites all around the world. This is absolutely essential, as this is the only way in which you can make sure that your website will be interesting and appealing. There is no simple way to design a website, but some common elements must be in your website layout in order to be considered successful.

One common element that is found on all website layouts is of course a “user friendly” navigation menu. This is actually the backbone of many successful web sites as your users must be able to navigate through your website with ease. You can find many websites all over the Internet, with problematic user menus, which often leave the visitors stranded at a certain page. This can turn off many people and they will leave your site right away instead of trying to find the right way to get back to the main page. Time is an important commodity on the Internet and it is important for you to minimize the use of time with smart menus that allow for simple navigation. Slinky Web Design believe Your visitors must be able to go to their interests really fast within your website or chances are that you will lose them.

The second element that can be found is of course graphical elements in your website. Graphical elements can be very important, as they will allow you to gain the interest of your visitors easily by using simple vectored graphics to drive interest toward your content. You can use static graphics as well as animation with dynamic graphics by using Flash. However, this is an element that must not be over done or you will end up having a slow loading site. You can use Cascade Style Sheets (CSS) to help reduce the loading times by providing a common layout that will be loaded at the beginning.

If you have lots of content, then it may be sensible for you to use CMS or Content Management System. CMS is a revolutionary system that allows you to upload content, publish content and even allow others to publish and edit content on your website. This can be a great way to manage content, especially if you have lots of articles or audio – video files in your website.

If you wish to make your site interactive and more interesting; you can always use Web 2.0 elements. With Web 2.0 elements, you can have interactive blogs, discussion forums, interactive chatting platforms and interactive opt in boxes in your website. Using Web 2.0 elements will make sure that your visitors can get involved in your website to make it ever changing and evolving. This can also help you to increase your ranking in the search engines. Of course, you will have to use Web 2.0 elements as professionally dispersed within your web site. Thus, by using the combination of elements outlined above; you are guaranteed to have a winning website that will have substantial traffic.