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Common Web Design Myths

Have you ever wondered why some Websites look and perform better than others? It is because many web designers are caught in a web of myths, and cannot manage to produce the desired effects and results. Here are some common web design myths that can have an adverse effect on your Website.

Myth – Only Good Content Can Determine A Good Website: While good content does indicate a high quality website, it is not the only criteria. Your visitors need not only to be educated, but also entertained at the same time. No one would like to look at endless pages of high quality content if it is does not contain presentable graphics, images and interactive menus. The key is to find the right combination of content, graphics, and images that enable your Website to run at optimum speed as well as provide the information required to your visitors. If your Website targets mainly the younger generation, then they are not be attracted by good content but will instead, be more impressed by high quality graphics, video and images.

Myth – Only A Well-Designed Front End Ensures Success: While an attractive and interactive front end is essential to impress visitors, the absence of solid architecture to back that front end will result in disappointed visitors cursing and leaving your site. Formulate a proper plan with inputs from the web designers, Search Engine Optimization [SEO] experts, and your marketing department. This should translate into a Website that not only has a well-designed front end but also has links and sub-menus that actually work in a seamless manner. Ensure that you execute trial runs using all possible resolution combinations and using various Internet speeds. Ensure that your Website allows surfing, accepts inquiries, orders, and payments. The complete package should work in complete synchrony.

Myth – Throw In Some Good Graphics, Make Some Sound And Your Website Is Ready: This could be the advice offered by a novice web designer but in reality you will need much more than just adding videos, graphics, sound and animation to make a desirable Website. You first need to research on your target Website audience, and design your Website according to their likes and dislikes. You can compromise a little on the quality of graphics by reducing the number of colors, or reducing the size of the images if it is not too critical for your Website. Experiment with different resolutions until you find the right combination of graphics that works well in all resolutions. Many web designers are also of the view that only one ready-made web template should be sufficient for all their clients. This could result in an average Website that offers nothing new to your visitors.

Myth –Visitors to Your Website Have Good Internet Knowledge: Many designers assume that most of the visitors have excellent Internet knowledge and thus design Websites that could prove to be difficult for a novice to comprehend and navigate. A Website design should be easy to use by one-and-all. Before launching your Website, try to rope in a few novices as well as experts and provide them with a demo of your site. Observe their actions and reactions and use that feedback to improve your site.

It is therefore necessary to be aware of the above myths in order to design a balanced easily navigated Website accessible by visitors of all levels of Internet knowledge and skills.