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Deep Linking to SEO Success

Deep link building is of great value to web sites that are being promoted in highly competitive areas. For superior internet marketing, it is not enough to simply build links to your home or index page.

If your website is only getting picked up, indexed or noticed by the search engines and the listings only show for the home page – then you should consider deep linking.

Your goal to getting noticed by the search engines should be to have an even ‘Page Rank’ (PR) right across your website – not just a high Page Rank for your home page. Your PR needs to spread evenly throughout your website.

To get this, you need to have links pointing to your internal pages as well as your home page.

If you are having trouble getting your internal pages of your web site listed by the search engines at all – then deep link building maybe just the right solution for the effective promotion of your web site in the search engines.

Get the whole of your web site, or just the key target areas enhanced in the search listings with Slinky’s deep link building services.

A deep link building program for your site will reap the long term benefits in search traffic in the future.