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How Your Web Hosting Service Can Influence Your Website's SEO

How Your Web Hosting Service Can Influence Your Website’s SEO

If your business has a website, unless it has traffic visiting, it is of little use. Thankfully, the number of ways that you can generate traffic is significant. Some cost money, and others are free but come with a cost in terms of time and effort. Of the latter, one traffic-generating method which has created fortunes for many businesses that have benefitted from it is SEO.

SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and it is how a website and its pages are optimised so that Google improves its ranking whenever someone searches using terms relating to that business. SEO is an entire industry with experts able to help a website move from obscurity to the top of page one on Google. There are countless ways they do this, but they are not the only ones who can help boost your SEO.

Your hosting service provider can also play their part, albeit not in the same hands-on way an SEO agency would. Instead, based on the quality, reliability, and performance of their hosting and their servers, a hosting company can boost your ranking on Google without so much as creating a single backlink. How do they do this, and why does it work? Here are some of the answers to those questions.

Page Load Speeds

The speed at which your website’s pages load is critical to Google rankings. Slow load times mean visitors click away and that is identified by Google which will downgrade the rankings of websites it sees has lots of ‘bounces’ and where visitors do not stay very long.

Server Locations

Whilst the location of a server might not directly impact your ranking it can influence it indirectly. If a hosting company has multiple server locations meaning your website is hosted on a server in the country you are targeting, your pages should load faster for local visitors than if the servers are on the other side of the world.