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Innovative Web Designing Ideas For Beginners

If you are new to web designing, you should know that web designing is not about flashing images and loads of irrelevant material in varying fonts and colours. A website design with text swooping from all sides can actually distract your visitors. You need to keep your website design as simple as you can without losing sight of what you want your subscribers and online communities to see when they access your website.

Having said that, make sure that you use graphics in your website to spruce it up. You can add life to just about any website by adding images. Images play a major role in breaking the monotony of your text, though proper use of graphics is crucial. With graphics, you can greatly enhance the appeal of your web pages and thus impress your visitors. Outlined below are some quick web page layout ideas to incorporate graphics effectively in your web design.

Use JavaScript to swap images
Swapping images is a simple but powerful technique that can be done using JavaScript. With this technique, you can swap graphics if the cursor passes over any web object. For instance, if you are into interior decorating business and you wish to include some of your latest designs in your website, this technique would be of great use to you. So, if your visitor passes over a button that says ‘living room’ while the current graphic is a bed room design, then a living room design would be displayed in place of the bedroom design until the cursor remains over the living room button.