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Web Design Myths

Common Web Design Myths

Have you ever wondered why some Websites look and perform better than others? It is because many web designers are caught in a web of myths, and cannot manage to produce the desired effects and results. Here are some common web design myths that can have an adverse effect on your Website.

Myth – Only Good Content Can Determine A Good Website: While good content does indicate a high quality website, it is not the only criteria. Your visitors need not only to be educated, but also entertained at the same time. No one would like to look at endless pages of high quality content if it is does not contain presentable graphics, images and interactive menus. The key is to find the right combination of content, graphics, and images that enable your Website to run at optimum speed as well as provide the information required to your visitors. If your Website targets mainly the younger generation, then they are not be attracted by good content but will instead, be more impressed by high quality graphics, video and images.


Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing in Australia – How will SEO Benefit my Company?

Slinky Internet Marketing offers search engine optimization services, search engine marketing, link building, web content services and website analytics services.

Your website is the basis of your Internet business and represents your product. Slinky specializes in helping you to build your Internet brand in the most affordable and optimal way.
Your website is your shop front, and how you prepare your shop for business will have a direct impact on how well your business will do online. This is our approach to search engine marketing.

The building of your business website site should be taken just as seriously as the location of your business office.
Design – How does it appeal to customers?
Layout / Structure – How quickly can you serve them?
E commerce Design – How easy is it to do business with you?

There are many factors to consider, but remember that site based SEO is the foundation on which a successful online business is built.

Market Your Business

How To Market Your Business On The Internet

If you want to promote your business online, you just need to do some updating to the already proven and effective techniques of traditional offline marketing that will effectively help you in extending your online marketing reach. The purpose of online promotion is to get the maximum number of visitors to your site. The prime consideration then is to devise methods that can help to stimulate traffic and direct it to your website. There are many cost effective ways of doing this.

Most important among these and the least expensive is to employ a search engine optimization strategy. This will require you to have your web content enriched with suitable keywords and key phrases that will let search engine robots crawl your page and rank your site high, while indexing the search result page. Here’s how to go about it.


Web Design

Web Design – Top Design Strategies For a Great Web Site

Keep it simple

hero-deskThe business web site is there for the customer. Keep your customer in mind at all times. Don’t become so enchanted with showcasing your company that you lose sight of the reason your visitor came to your site. If you lose him once, you are not likely to get him back for a second chance.

Update often

Good web sites have changing content and changing design. If your site looks like it has not been updated lately, can your customer actually depend on the information he finds there? Well designed web sites allow for easy updating within the structure of the site. The best designs offer a dynamic site which has something different each time the visitor returns. Talk to your designer about options for automating your web site content.



Blogging for SEO Success

Blogs are great for helping to boost your search engine rankings. You can use a blog to get a new site ranked quickly and ahead of your main site if you post on a frequent basis.

While the main goal of your blog may be to express your thoughts, talk to your customers in a more personal way or as a method to promote your product or services, there is another significant part to blogging.

Search Marketing

Because of the frequency of active blogs the search engines have put a lot of weight on blogs that are purposeful and those that tend to stay on topic.


Web Layout

A Few Web Layout Tips

• Navigation should always be simple and easy. Websites with unfriendly navigation miss the traffic. A navigation key should help you easily browse through web pages without any difficulty. If your navigation system is vague, the visitor will get frustrated and leaves the site never to come back. All successful websites use simple navigation keys.

• A web layout helps you decide what content comes from the first page until the end page. It lets you know where exactly you want to use graphics and where and how many pictures you want to insert. It will also help you decide on which font color, background color and the text color to use.

• You can make use of templates as well, and edit it to upload on your website. However if you do not wish to be a part of the herd make sure you go for less popular templates.

• There are many layout tools that help you look at the website before you can upload it, so that you can amend the required things.

Web Layout Tips

More Web Layout Tips

• There has to be a flow in your website. You just cannot place any content or text anywhere. The content and the graphics used should have a meaning and it should in connection to the previous content.

• Make sure that the content you use is correct and beneficial to the readers. The language should be simple and words easily understood. Always use pleasing fonts and colors.

• Always use limited file size that makes the website easy to be viewed.

A well-planned layout is a foundation of every website and thus should be careful in drafting it. A simple and easy to understand layout will help you generate a better website. Seek a professional web design help so you know you are on the right track.



Css And Your Web Design

Css And Your Web Design

Web-designers use CSS or Cascading Style Sheets for separating page content like paragraphs or images from the stylistic elements of the page. These stylistic elements may comprise of colour, fonts, layout etc.

The term generally used for this is ‘Separation of Content from presentation.’

CSS represents a breakthrough in web designing as it equips web developers with the ability to control styling and layout of multiple pages all at once. Web designers can choose a style for every HTML element and apply it to multiple web pages at per their requirement. To effect changes globally, the style needs to automatically update all elements in the web.

However, many people refrain from using CSS just because they lack a proper understanding of it. It nevertheless is worth investing time to learn CSS, as the advantages gained through its use are tremendous.